Why Test for Cognitive Impairment?

“I want a test that tells me when I start to decline, not one that tells me I might become impaired in the future. That would cause me to worry for no reason.”

Too often, medical professionals, families and caregivers are not given the timely information they need to begin medication management and to plan for long-term care.

Since 2000, Screen, Inc.’s computerized cognitive test, the CANS-MCI (Computer-Administered Neuropsychological Screen for Mild Cognitive Impairment), has led the way in early detection and awareness of impending dementia.

The CANS-MCI continues to meet high scientific and practitioner standards (validity, sensitivity, specificity, clarity of reports, and unique ease of use for doctors and patients).

It is extensively used in a variety of settings to track longitudinal cognitive changes from baseline in patients affected by head injury, surgery, depression, and trauma.

In a recently published study that reviewed computer-based test batteries used to detect cognitive decline in the elderly, researchers gave the CANS-MCI the top overall score in every component category and a special mention for exceptional user friendliness.*

* Wild, K. et al Status of computerized cognitive testing in aging: a systematic review. Alzheimer’s and Dementia, 4 (6), 428-437, 2008.

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia may not yet be defeated, but they can be managed.

Screen, Inc.’s computerized cognitive test, the CANS-MCI, is designed to help patients and families by detecting those cognitive changes most associated with an active progression towards Alzheimer’s disease.

The CANS-MCI also has outstanding value for the earliest possible detection of changes in cognitive state that result from a variety of other conditions with some being: drug and alcohol rehabilitation, concussion, cancer (e.g. “chemobrain”), Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and Parkinson’s. The establishment of a baseline before surgery, contact sports, or many age-related conditions is also highly recommended.

If you wish to download a demonstration copy of the actual tests that can be taken with a mouse and does not take over the entire screen or collect data, you can do so for your country and your language.