Quick Download Links of Scientific Literature

Quick Download Links of Scientific Literature

This page collects in one place scientific literature regarding the CANS-MCI referred to in our other science-related blog posts.

The most comprehensive summary of all the science behind the CANS-MCI is contained in the document titled “Scientific Background of the CANS-MCI”.  This extracts information from the other literature and discusses the science in depth.

Scientific Background of the CANS-MCI

You may choose to explore our scientific information by reading the various posts published here on this website.  Some of these also have links to our literature at the standard online repositories, where applicable.

The purpose of this post is to give you quick access to published literature so you may download and read them offline.

Longitudinal Validity of a Mild Cognitive Impairment Screen: The CANS-MCI Study

The Utility and Sensitivity of Traditional and Novel Cognitive Screening Tools for MCI

Self-Administered Screening for Mild Cognitive Impairment: Initial Validation of a Computerized Test Battery

Status of computerized cognitive testing in aging: A systematic review

Contributions of the CANS-MCI for the diagnosis of MCI in Brazil

CANS-MCI Predicts CSF Markers_AAIC_2018 Abstract

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