CANS-MCI Upgrade Instructions

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Please read these instructions before you download the update.

Many of the screenshots below are from Internet Explorer in Windows 7.  If the step in the Windows Edge browser in Windows 10 looks very different the screenshot will be shown as well.

  1. If you have dedicated IT help please ask them perform the upgrade
    During the upgrade the installer should be granted administrative privileges. If this is not possible, or if you are unsure, then we recommend that you get assistance from your IT staff.
  2. Be sure your network allows SSL over the Internet
    If you are unsure about this you may assume that SSL is allowed.  After the upgrade, if you see a transmission error, please contact Screen, Inc. technical support at 1-866-668-9038 (extension 1).
  1. Make sure you can give the installer administrative privileges

    If you do not have dedicated IT help to upgrade the CANS-MCI, log into the Windows account that you normally use when administering the cognitive tests. You can confirm whether or not you have Administrative rights by clicking StartControl PanelUser Accounts → and there you will see the name of your account and whether it is an Administrator.


  1. Account view in Windows 10

    In Windows 10 you would select Start → Settings → Your Email and Accounts → and there you will see the name of your account and whether it is an Administrator.


  1. Disable third-party security software

    If you have anti-virus programs or security software suites (e.g., Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, BitDefender, ESET) disable them for the upgrade of the CANS-MCI. Some of these programs will let you disable them for for ten or fifteen minutes and then they will turn on automatically. Some you may have to re-enable manually. Each product is a little different. This is very important!

  1. Click the download link

    After you have read these instructions click on “Click to Download” at the bottom of this page. This is a large download (approx. 130 MB) so you should allow plenty of time for the download to complete. The remaining instructions show you each step of the upgrade process.


  1. Click the download link Windows 10

    In Windows 10’s default browser (Microsoft Edge) the download will start immediately (and be saved automatically to the Downloads folder).

  1. Choose the Save As… option Windows 7

    In Windows 7 Internet Explorer a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the browser window on which you can cick on the arrow next to “Save” and choose Save as. The download bar in Windows 10 looks a bit different because it automatically starts the download for you (see the above step).

  1. Select the Desktop in your file browser Windows 7

    With the Desktop selected as the destination, select the Save button to start downloading the upgrade.

  1. Security warning Windows 7

    When the download is complete you will see a security scan resulting in a warning that our file is not “commonly downloaded and could harm your computer.” Select the View Downloads button.

  1. Security warning Windows 10

    The warning in Windows 10 looks almost the same but the Actions button is replaced by a Run button. You should select the View Downloads button.

  1. Run Anyway

    If you accidentally chose the Save and run button or the Run button during the above process, you will see a warning “This program might harm your computer” or “Running this app might put your PC at risk”. Choose the Run Anyway option to continue with the upgrade and skip to step 15.

  1. Viewing downloads on Windows 7

    A view of recent downloads appears in a separate window. Click on the Actions button and choose Open Containing folder.


  1. Viewing downloads on Windows 10

    The appearance of the downloads is slightly different in Windows 10. Click on the Open folder link, as shown.


  1. The upgrade installer listed in Windows Explorer

    The installer will appear in a list of files. Right-click on the installer and select “Run as administrator” from the popup menu.


  1. The upgrade installer on your computer’s Desktop

    The icon will look like this if you view it directly on your Desktop. Right-click on this icon and select “Run as administrator” from the popup menu.


  1. User Account Control window

    If you see the warning “Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?”, click Yes to continue with the upgrade.


  1. The CANS-MCI Upgrade Welcome screen

    This is the first screen of our upgrade software. Click Next to continue.


  1. Ready to install

    Click Next to continue the upgrade.


  1. Upgrade progress

    Watch the installer do its work.


  1. Quit

    A behind-the-scenes system test is performed by our software. If you see any error messages you should call us at 1-866-668-9038 (option 1 for technical support). If you see a screen just like the one below then your upgrade was a success. Congratulations! When you see this, just click on or touch the big Quit button.


  1. Finishing up

    Click Finish to close the upgrade window. This completes the upgrade process.


  1. Possible “Program Compatibility Assistant” System Alert

    In some cases, after a few moments, or even longer, you may see this window appear. Simply select “This program installed correctly”.


  1. Getting Help

    If you run into a problem, or you need help, please call us at 1-866-668-9038 (option 1 for technical support). We are available M-F between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Time. If we can’t pick up, please leave a message.

Below is the actual download link. Click anywhere on these words to start the upgrade process (as detailed in the instructions above).