CANS-MCI Upgrade Instructions (August 19, 2019)

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  1. The upgrade process can be boiled down to 4 essential steps:
    (1) Download the installer using the link at bottom of this page (Step 27).
    (2) Run the installer as an administrator (Step 13).
    (3) Follow the prompts in the installer (Steps 17 and 18).
    (4) Use Session Selector to send uncollected data (rarely necessary) (Steps 23–25).

    You must open Session Selector yourself after the installation is completed.  It does not start automatically.

  1. If you have dedicated IT help, ask them to do this.  You may contact Screen, Inc. technical support at 1-866-668-9038 (extension 1) for additional help.

Note that as of August 19, 2019, the installer is version  To skip directly to downloading the installer, use the link at bottom of this page (Step 27).

  1. Make sure you can give the installer administrative privileges

    We recommend that you run the install while logged into the same user account from which you do cognitive testing, but be prepared to grant the installer elevated privileges.  If this isn’t possible in your setup you will find out as you go.  You may then need to log into to an Administrative account temporarily to do the installation, but be sure to log back into the account used for cognitive testing before patients start using the tests again and before you try to send us previously uncollected tests.  (Shown here is an example in Windows 7 in Control Panel : User Accounts of how you could see that the logged in user is an Administrator.)


  1. An example of how to see the type of account in Windows 10

    In Windows 10 one way to see if the current user is an Administrator is by selecting Start → Settings → Your Email and Accounts.


  1. Disable third-party security software

    If you have third-party anti-virus programs or security software suites (e.g., Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, BitDefender, ESET) we suggest that you disable them for the duration of the upgrade. Some of these programs let you disable them for for ten or fifteen minutes and they will turn back on by themselves. Others you may have to re-enable manually. Each product is a little different.

  1. Download the update installer

    After you have read these instructions click on “Click to Download” at the bottom of this page.


    This here is only a preview of the graphic.  The actual button is in the link at bottom of this page (Step 27).

  1. An example of starting the download in the Edge Browser in Windows 10

    In Windows 10’s default browser (Microsoft Edge) the download will start immediately (and be saved automatically to the Downloads folder).

  1. An example of Saving the download in Internet Explorer in Windows 7

    In Windows 7 Internet Explorer a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the browser window on which you can click on the arrow next to “Save”.  If you choose Save as you can choose where to save the file.  If you choose Save then the file will be put in the Downloads folder.

    The download bar in Windows 10 looks a bit different because it automatically starts the download for you and puts the file in the Downloads folder (see the above step).  Different browsers and often different versions of the same browser will use slightly different visual cues and may behave slightly differently. Use the browser you are most familiar with.

  1. Saving the installer to the Desktop or the Downloads folder

    Continuing with the example of Internet Explorer in Windows 7 if you chose Save As… you could accept the default location (the Downloads folder) or you could choose the Desktop as the destination if you prefer that.  Press the Save button in the file dialog to start downloading the file.

  1. Example of a security warning in Windows 7

    When the download is complete you will probably see a security scan, and this may result in a warning that the file is not “commonly downloaded and could harm your computer.” Select the View Downloads button.

  1. Example of a security warning in Windows 10

    The warning in Windows 10 looks almost the same but the Actions button is replaced by a Run button.

  1. An example of a security warning in Windows 7

    If you chose Save and run button or Run at the bottom of the browser, you will see something like this warning: “This program might harm your computer” or “Running this app might put your PC at risk”. Choose the Run Anyway option to continue with the upgrade and you may skip to step 15.

  1. An example of viewing the browser’s downloads on Windows 7

    If you chose View Downloads at the bottom of the browser, a new window will open showing recent downloads. Click on the Actions button next to the installer’s name and choose Open Containing folder.


  1. An example of viewing the browser’s downloads on Windows 10

    If you chose View Downloads in the Edge browser in Windows 10 the list of recent downloads looks different. Click on the Open folder link, as shown here.

  1. The upgrade installer listed in the Downloads folder

    When you open the containing folder or downloads folder in either version of Windows the installer will appear in the listing of files. Right-click on the file and select Run as administrator from the popup menu.


  1. The upgrade installer shown as an icon on the Desktop

    The icon will look like this if you view it directly on your computer’s Desktop. Right-click on this icon and select Run as administrator from the popup menu.


  1. User Account Control window (a security warning) in Windows 7

    If you see the warning “Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?”, click Yes to continue with the upgrade.

  1. SmartScreen protection (a security warning) in Windows 10

    It will look very different in Windows 10. If you see the warning “Windows protected your PC.  Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting.  Running this app might put your PC at risk.”, click More info or More Details to continue with the upgrade.

    In the next screen choose Run or Run anyway to continue with the upgrade.

    And finally you may have to answer Yes to one more security question to continue with the upgrade.

  1. The CANS-MCI installer and the Critical Minimal Patch

    The installer will start with a Language Selection window where you can choose the language for the installer itself.  (Not shown).  Note that this choice has no effect upon the language of the CANS-MCI itself.  Next is a Welcome window (Not shown) and then a Readme window (Not shown). Click Next to advance from one window to the next.

    Then you will see a Select Components screen (shown here).  The first option cannot be deselected and you may keep this as your ONLY selection ONLY if you have version or higher.  (Your version is displayed above the checkboxes.)

  1. Full Upgrade Installation — required for versions less than !

    If you have any version less than (as displayed above the checkboxes) you MUST check the Full Application Upgrade option (as shown here).

    Once you are sure you have made the correct choice(s) for the version of the CANS-MCI you have, press the Next button to proceed to the Ready to Install the Program window and press Next again to have the appropriate files copied to your computer.

  1. Upgrade progress

    Watch the installer do its work of copying the appropriate files.  (If you chose the v7.9.6.4 Critical Minimum Patch the installer will show that it is bypassing most of the files.)


  1. The upgrade is nearly done

    A behind-the-scenes system test is performed by our software. If you see any error messages you should call us at 1-866-668-9038 (option 1 for technical support). If you see a screen like the one below then your upgrade was a success. When you see this, just click on or touch the big Quit button.

  1. Finishing up

    Click Finish to close the upgrade installer.


  1. Possible “Program Compatibility Assistant” System Alert

    In some cases, after a few moments, or even a little later, you may see a window like this appear. If your installation was a success according to the previous screens, you should select the option that says “This program installed correctly”.

  1. Start the Session Selector utility

    The installer puts a new shortcut on your computer’s Desktop named Session Selector for the CANS-MCI.  You must use this utility to send tests that remain uncollected since January 26.  (Note: You may already have a shortcut to Session Selector on your Desktop.  If you see two of them after this install you may safely delete one of them.)

    Double-click the Session Selector the the CANS-MCI shortcut on your Desktop.  For sending tests within a certain time period, choose the Date of Session button.  In the next two screens you should type the year (2019) and the month (01) — and 02 if you also need to send tests from February.

  1. Filter for the entire month, or for one day at a time

    The most efficient way to submit data is for Session Selector to batch process all of January’s tests at once. To do this select the Filter by Day and Month Only button.  (If you also need to send tests for the beginning of February you will be able to loop around again and do that after January’s data has been sent.)

    You also have the option to submit tests from a single day and then loop around and have Session Selector process another day, and then another, and so forth.  To send files this way type the day (as a two-digit number).  It will appear in the yellow box as you type.  Then press the ENTER key to start the search.

    When you are done you may quit or filter for another time period.

  1. Send all unsent sessions

    Tests will be shown that were given in the time period you filtered for.  Press the Send all unsent sessions now button to have them sent together.  The program will loop automatically through the list, sending one at a time, until they are all sent.

    If any tests were already manually uploaded during the time period in question you will see a notice that the the test is already in our records and your computer’s record of that will be updated, then the batch process will continue.

    When one batch is finished, you have the option to do another batch for another time period.  If you need to do this again after quitting Session Selector, use the Session Selector for the CANS-MCI shortcut on your Desktop to re-open the program.

  1. Getting Help

    If you run into a problem, or would like some help, please call us at 1-866-668-9038 (option 1 for technical support). We are available M-F between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Time. If we can’t pick up, please leave a message.

  1. Get the installer here

    This large graphic is a link that will immediately start the download of an installer executable application. Click on these words to start the upgrade process (as described in detail in the instructions above).