The CANS-MCI -- an easy-to-use computer-assisted, touchscreen, cognitive test for MCI



100% self-administered for maximum objectivity and reliability. No computer skills required. Simple touch screen interactions.

Medically valid

Proven accuracy at levels similar to full neuropsychological work ups.


Takes only 30 minutes or less, even for those who are impaired.

Comprehensive report

Scored and sent back to the practice within an hour.


Useful as a single baseline screen or for precise evaluation of longitudinal change.


Screens for the earliest stages of all cognitive declines that are predictive of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Since 2000, the CANS-MCI has led the way in early detection and awareness of impending dementia.


A few more of the CANS-MCI’s core features

Fair pricing

Unlike current industry norms, pay for tests only after they are performed.


Available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese


CPT codes 96103 and 96120.


No clinician resources or time required.

Hearing impaired version

Test questions are audible for hearing patients, readable for hearing impaired.

Professionally scored

Results are scored by Neuropsychology testing professionals and a report is provided that is easy to interpret.

Minimal Hardware Requirements…



Any Windows operating system

Any Windows computer with audio capability, speakers, and video hardware capable of displaying 640 x 480 resolution with preserved aspect ratio.



Touchscreen-capable display between 11.6 and 19 inches

For portability and ease-of-use we recommend a “convertible”, “hybrid”, or “2-in-1” notebook / laptop.



Connection to the Internet

If you don’t have access to the Internet during tests you may upload the day’s sessions once you reconnect.
Surface Pro and 2-in-1 hybrid notebook computer

What researchers, doctors and patients are saying...

  •  In my geriatric medical practice, I have found the CANS-MCI to be the most useful memory assessment tool ever devised. Patient-friendly, highly reliable, and reimbursable by Medicare, I have recommended it to all my colleagues. A must have for all medical practices. 
    GerontologistPrivate Practice, New Jersey
  •  I didn’t get distracted by the inflections of the tester, or seeing how they reacted. 
  •  The CANS-MCI includes an assessment of cognition, mood, risk factors, substance use, and driving capabilities. The battery requires 22 to 27 minutes for completion. Reports are completed by neuropsychology test technicians within an hour of testing. Overall, the CANS-MCI has several strengths, including brevity, language and cultural specificity and good evidence of sensitivity and specificity for MCI versus healthy controls. 
    NeurologistAlpert Medical School, Brown University, Providence, RI
  •  The CANS-MCI is a good example of a computer test that is well-paced and adds a measure of pleasantness to the experience of the user. 
    Status of computerized cognitive testing in aging: A systematic reviewKatherine Wild, et al., Alzheimer’s & Dementia 4 (2008) 428–437
  •  Unlike the CAMCI, the CANS-MCI has excellent test-retest reliability, sensitivity and specificity. Unlike the Mindstreams, the CANS-MCI does not require the presence of an administrator, much less a trained administrator, making the CANS-MCI the briefest of all in terms of staff time and training. Unlike the CAMCI and the CST, the CANS-MCI is available in culturally specific versions, including Spanish for the US and French for Canada. 
    Journal of the Alzheimer's Association Volume 4, pages 428-437, 2008.
  •  We love the ease and consistent reimbursement, as well as Screen’s outstanding Service and Support. 
    Vessel HealthGeorgia