The CANS-MCI -- an easy-to-use computer-assisted, touchscreen, cognitive test for mild cognitive impairments

The Computer-Administered Neuropsychological Screen
for mild cognitive impairments

Easily assess your patient’s cognitive health.
Gain higher reimbursements with the CANS-MCI.

  • Preclinical Diagnosis of AD

    Biomarker research finds CANS-MCI performance predicts both elevated Aβ and tau.  The CANS-MCI captures item-level response times at millisecond accuracy and can detect patterns of delay associated with the preclinical stage of AD.  To read more about this research, click here.
  • Tracking "Chemo Brain"

    When cognitive and emotional changes associated with cancer treatment are important to evaluate, baseline data can be compared with post-treatment testing. The CANS-MCI provides the most staff-efficient, objective, longitudinal assessment of cognitive change available today.
  • Neurological Complications of COVID-19

    Brain fog associated with COVID is a disorder of executive function that makes even basic cognitive tasks complicated; memory can also be affected. The CANS-MCI measures the relevant cognitive dimensions and the influence of depression, making it exceptionally accurate for longitudinal tracking.
  • Concussion Assessment

    The central changes in cognitive ability due to sports concussion are memory, cognitive processing speed, and reaction time — all measured at millisecond accuracy by the CANS-MCI.  Our automated test also eliminates the potential for the deliberate or unaware bias of in-person testers.

Professionally evaluated

Results are reviewed and scored by qualified healthcare professionals.

Reliable & valid

Proven accuracy at levels similar to full neuropsychological workups.


CPT codes 96132, 96136 and 96137.

Timely reports

Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports are sent back to the practice within an hour.


Useful as a single baseline screen, or for precise evaluation of longitudinal changes.

Fairly priced

Unlike current industry norms, pay for tests only after they are performed.

The CANS-MCI leads the way in early detection and awareness of impending dementia.


Eight distinct tests administered in a single session.


Takes 30 minutes or less, even for those who are impaired.


Available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

No computer skills required

Simple touch screen interactions.  Standardized administration for maximum objectivity and reliability.


Screens for the earliest stages of all cognitive declines that are predictive of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.


No clinician resources or time required.

Hearing impaired version

Test questions are audible for hearing patients and readable for the hearing impaired.

Minimal Hardware Requirements…



Any Windows operating system

With audio capability, speakers, and video circuitry capable of displaying 640 x 480 resolution with preserved aspect ratio.



Touchscreen display between 13.3 and 17 inches

For portability and ease-of-use we recommend a “convertible”, “hybrid”, or “2-in-1” notebook / laptop.  Surface Pro tablets (native 2:3 ratio) and point of sale monitors (native 4:3 ratio) are also fine.



Connection to the Internet

If you don’t have access to the Internet during tests you may upload sessions once you reconnect.
Surface Pro and 2-in-1 hybrid notebook computer

COVID-19 Update

The CANS test requires only a finger touch on a tablet or computer screen, which can be easily sanitized after every test. The test does not require close proximity of patient and staff, significantly reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19 or other infectious pathogens.